Wingwave® coaching

Wingwave® coaching is a method that, with very little intervention and precise action, achieves great emotional changes and the way we experience the world.

In just a couple of minutes, your organism being becomes balanced. It will help you change a stressful situation into one that you can experience without fear and burdensome emotions. It will prepare you to shine in your best light in critical moments such as: exams, competitions, job interviews, performances.

Who Developed It?

Wingwave® coaching is a trademarked method by a married couple, psychologist and psychotherapist Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund (Besser-Siegmund Institut, Hamburg, Germany, ).

Who Is It For?

It is for everyone, who wants to feel confident, effective and balanced:
•    business people (those who are under a lot of stress, those who experience burn-out syndrome)
•    professional sportsmen (to maximise achievement during performance, to overcome stage-fright)
•    for artists (to get rid of blockages in the creative process)
•    individuals under stress (that were shell-shocked after car accidents, have experienced violence, divorce, trauma)
•    individuals with fears, panic attacks and phobias
•    individuals that feel uncertain, blocked, demotivated
•    individuals with addictions

Wingwave® coaching is a method that is conducted with mentally stable individuals, that can take responsibility for their actions and behaviour.

How Does It Work?

Everything that you experience with your senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch) and feelings, you naturally store and remember in the REM phase of sleeping.  Information is emotionally processed, stored and integrated with previous experiences. When you experience something that is stressful, emotional and painful, it does not get processed and the memory becomes like a splinter.

Even years after a stressful experience, you can have unpleasant mental images, feelings or even sounds that remind you of that event. You feel as if it happened yesterday. All that prevents you from living your life to your fullest potential.

After coaching, when you think about the event, it no longer has any power over you. The memory of the event is not wiped, rather, the way you look at it is forever changed. Now you are in control.

How Is It Done?

The client’s eyes follow the Wingwave® coach’s fingers waving in front of his/her face. This simulates a REM phase while the client is awake and the stressful and "stuck" emotions begin to be processed at a rapid rate.  In this method, we use bilateral stimulation of the brain hemisphere (the EMDR method), kinesthetic testing and elements of neuro-linguistic programming.

It is quite extraordinary that, not only do stressful feelings dissolve, they are replaced by new, pleasant feelings. The mental blocks disappear, creativity develops and, instead of feeling down, you feel confident and are able to meet every challenge using all of your skills and competences.

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