ThetaHealing® Seminars

“When you heal yourself, you heal the world.” – Roger Jahnke

If you feel nobody understands you ever since you were a child, if you are different from others, if you feel everybody thinks your a bit odd and if you have abandoned your dreams, it is time for you to get started. :)

Learn the language of your soul

When you travel to a country whose language you do not speak, I am sure you feel a bit lost. You are confused, you do not know how to get around, you do not understand others and they do not understand you.

It is the same feeling you get when you are not in connection with your intuition and the needs of your soul. If you want to communicate with your soul, hear your heart´s wishes, listen to your life, health, finally understand your path, I warmly recommend you dive into the magical world of ThetaHealing technique. You will be able to better understand yourself and others, you will make decisions easier, be more healthy, be at peace with yourself, in harmony, joyful and be full of love.

This interesting and magical journey starts with the ThetaHealing Basic DNA course.

After every finished completed course, you will receive a certificate.

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