In these modern times,  when it seems that the time is running faster and we do not have time for spending it with each other, Simplicitas is opening its doors for gatherings. It is a place where we can support each other, a place where we can enjoy ourselves and feel safe.

Practice for ThetaHealers


These excercises are intended to be a periodical gatherings of Theta Healing practitioners that want to practice and deepen their knowledge, help themselves and others in a relaxed environment through practice and socializing.
The price: 40 kn


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Come and ask!


If you want to know more about modern and highly effective methods of improving the quality of life such as ThetaHealing®, Wingwave® coaching and Autogenous training, come to free two-hour presentation and learn something new.



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Tea Time


In a relaxed atmosphere, we discuss important topics, drink tea and enjoy cookies.

During this two-hour meeting, you will receive a series of downloads that will empower you and help you mastering everyday challenges with more ease.


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