Testimonials by clients on the benefits of individual work:

  • "Suzana and Simplicitas are a part of my road to a better me, a better life which I have been building for the last two years.

Working with her enabled me to recognise the behavioural patterns of my family that I was not even aware of but that were subtly influencing the decisions I made about my life. I felt like a worm under a glass who sees that there are other paths but the glass barrier completely disabled me from getting on one. Starting to be aware of who I really am, removing and changing the deeply buried wrong beliefs, understanding that I am actively creating my life and real changes for the better are all a part of the process of getting better.

Suzana’s help was invaluable when I was scared, sad, desperate… even though individual sessions with her in those situations were like first aid that really worked, all of that was just a part of a larger process when I finally realised and believed that I have all the support that I need and that I deserve tha best.

This is not a process that happens overnight, but I know I am safe, because I have a partner, a guide on this path with which I dare to dig deeper… if you are prave and you know you deserve the best and more, there is no better Theta Healer than Suzana that I could recommend for you.." - Marina K.

  • "With Suzana´s help I discovered the cause for my behaviour that I had been unable to explain - why I was like that and why I repeated it.

I don’t know what to compare it to, so I will say that it is like the game ‘Tetris’, where you put together different pieces until they all fit. I got to know myself better, found my inner peace and my behaviour towards myself and others close to me has changed. With Suzana´s help I feel much calmer and have learned techniques to achieve that calmness and to appreciate myself more and what I have in life.

And even if it sounds like a cliché – currently I live in the moment as in I know when and how to give my energy." - Adela M.

  • "I've been having theta sessions with Suzana since one year ago, and I can happily say that I have seen (as many people around me also seen) a big leap in my openness to life.

During every session with Suzy, We come across a new layer of myself. Beliefs, patterns, or negative thoughts come at the surface so they can receive awareness and be transformed into new, good beliefs for my life. Quick and painless :) - also love the possibility to have sessions over Skype.

I recommended her to many of my friends and i recommend her to you. Thanks Suzana!" - Gérard, happy entrepreneur

  • My experience with Suzy

A couple of years ago, my cousin gave me a book by Vianna Stibal, called ‘Theta Healing.’ I was enchanted with the book and wanted to get to know the ThetaHealing Technique, so my cousin set up a meeting with Suzana and I can safely say, that that was the first step in many, that brought positive changes to my life. I have had many individual sessions with Suzana and have applied to for both the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA courses with Suzana.
I could not wish for a better teacher!

For me, she opened the door for a better life and I will be forever thankful to her.
She became my friend, my advisor and above all, I see her as my Guardian Angel.

For me, there is no better technique than ThetaHealing and no better coach then Suzana. - Lidija Kreft

  • "2016 was a shit year for me. Seriously. I had to leave the man I loved, I was poor, without a flat, with the baby, having no idea how I can "fix" all that.

Mostly I looked quite cool. I tried. You know... this way of being aggressively "okey". "Look, I do not have any problems. I am OKEY. REALLY".
But of course I were not. I cried a lot. Really a lot. I almost didn't eat. I think that I survived only because I had to. I mean...
When you have a baby , you just have to keep on doing things. If you are sad, or even if you are dead already, nobody cares. Get up, clean shit, make food, change deapers! I think it was the first serious lesson about responsibility in my life.

Anyways...someday it became really difficult to keep myself together. I felt that my strength is running out. Everything what happened in previous months were overwhelming. Like a huge wave in the see. And I was not sure if I can handle that wave.
I wanted to be helped. I just didn't know how. So I went to the psychotherapist first. And just directly told: "Please help. I feel on the boarder. I am afraid". She gave me medicines...strong antidepressants.

They even helped a while. While I were taking them. But no longer. 3 days break.. and the same story comes back. Nothing changes. So I wasn't inspired to spend my life on drugs to be able to get through the day. It is simply not what you dream about when you think about fulfillment, joy, fun.

So... by chance I heard from my friend about something called "ThetaHealing". I didn't know what it is, how it works and if it would help. I actually didn't care. I just decided to try everything what comes.

On my first session I were sitting on the stairs of the kindergarten where my daughter was. On that day I was invited to a new job, new period of life started and I actually made one more step forward my personal cure and lessons. But at that time I didn't know it. I met Suzana as a very tired, sad young woman, not willing to keep on going.

November 2017. I am on the way. It is fun. The doors are opening, options appearing, pain still exist but it is not knocking me down.
I do not suffer on depression. I do not cry every day. I am more and more able to make conscious choices and decisions. Suzana became a good friend and a reliable supporter on that road.

I still do not now exactly how it works. But I know for sure that it works. ThetaHealing literally saved my life. I feel blessed and grateful. " Liza S.

  • "My work with Suzana started with my cry for help to overcome certain fears.

After the first session I did not just overcame the initial fear, but I also realised how carefully she was opening problem after problem in my subconscious mind and I knew I wanted to work more. I felt I was on the right path, I was ready to work on my mental health, which is as important (if not more) as the physical wellbeing.

I had been single for ten years; as it turned out later, I had massive emotional blocks. And, true story, after three weeks since my first session with Suzana I met my future husband and now I’m preparing to move to another country. We met because I was ready, I was confident, emotionally stable, opened; I was a true me. It was love on the first sight. I never believed it was a real thing, but now I know that it happens.

Suzana truly does magic, but it works on people who are ready to change. Quite a few of my friends asked me for her contact because they saw a change in me, and they kept on recommending her to their friends and I know why! I am very thankful for the work she’s doing." Liza Z.




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