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Suzana Gajdek

My name is Suzana Gajdek and I support you on your path of development and self-discovery.

Working together you will change your beliefs and the feelings that block you, which will lead to positive life changes for you. Interestingly, when you work on the root causes of your problem, you experience positive changes in all areas of your life.

My numerous professional and personal experiences help me to better understand you and help you through Individual work, so you can grow and develop.

In the last decade, I have felt a need to really get to know my inner self and heal it. Beside the magical world of ThetaHealing technique, I have been educated in the field of applied psychology (NLP, Wingwave Coaching, Imaginative family constellations, Autogenic Training) as well as various other energy techniques.

My experiences tell me that the impossible is possible! Live a full and joyful life!

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Another activity that fills may heart with joy is painting. Some of my work can be seen in the Art Gallery. I am happy that many of my paintings have found a home on the walls of their new owners.

Premise that supports You!


Getting to Know Yourself and Work on Your Challenges Does Not Need to Be Hard!

Our newly-refurbished and remodelled premises have all that is needed for your adventure to be pleasant, safe and motivating for your further growth and development. This place is where SUPPORT means your ACCEPTANCE of yourself as you are.

I have prepared various programs for you and we will have plenty of opportunity to socialise and have get-togethers.

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Blossom in all areas of your life

The most important thing is to realise that happiness lies within and that we are worthy of love just the way we are.

Only when you learn how to love yourself can you love others because you cannot give what you do not have. On this journey of self-knowing you can find support right HERE.

Start NOW this exciting journey that will improve your life and bring you joy, happiness and health.

Be inspired!

Besides giving you support in individual and group work, my wish is to Inspire you with Wise thoughts.

Some of those thoughts are quotes and some come from my life experiences.

Eventually, you will stumble onto a Download. When we install Downloads, we teach our subconscious mind new feelings, beliefs, we create new receptors and neural connections in our brains.

Every ThetaHealing practitioner knows that this teaching of our subconscious brings lightness into our lives.

Choose a program for yourself

“We cannot always control what happens outside of us, but we can always control what is inside of us.” – Wayne Dyer

I have prepared programs for you that will help you control yourself and your life and to find happiness within yourself. Get-togethers like the ‘Tea Party’, for example, are periodical meetings where we will discuss important subjects in a relaxed atmosphere. There are the energy-meditation workshops where we will work deeper on certain subjects and ThetaHealing courses where you will learn how to do this powerful technique that will lead you to a world where everything is possible.

Individual work

Motivation for personal growth and development varies from person to person. Somebody is motivated by a wish to upgrade their relationship with others (family member, bussines partner, friend, romantic partner...), while others want to improove their health, make a progress in their career, sport or simply get to know himself/herself, comprehend the meaning of their life and grow spiritually.

All of that is possible here with support in a pleasant and safe atmosphere. To make a change, you need to be active and when you realise that this is a change fot the better, you'll opt for Individual work.

If you want a change for the better, arrange your appointment today!

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Here are some benefits of individual session:

  • It strengthens you
  • It activates your potentials
  • It helps you with solving your everyday challenges easily and quickly
  • It rises awareness
  • It effects on your health
  • It helps you to understand yourself,  your feelings and habits better
  • It helps you to accomplish ideal weight
  • It removes anxiety, insomnia and the feeling of being worthless
  • It brings joy to your life

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Suzana Gajdek - Paintings, oil & acrylic

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