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Do you want to be happy and feel loved, fulfilled and healthy?

Have you noticed that there’s a difference in our relationship with others when we are feeling good and happy versus when we are feeling bad?

In the first case we’re radiating joy, self-confidence and happiness and such vibration is being passed on others, our family, friends, colleagues, strangers…We feel amazing and everything is going like it’s supposed to.

In the opposite case, when we don’t feel good, our relationship with others are filled with challenges. We feel like nobody understands us and the whole world has turned against us. The reason why we are not feeling good is being unhappy with our life. Maybe we are sad because of the bad relationships inside the family, loneliness, our appearance, fear of our future, situations like divorce, loosing our job, death of a close person… Those periods can be prolonged in many cases and it results with sequence of unpleasant situations. We become a magnet for bad circumstances and it’s hard to find a reason to laugh, to be happy about.

When our life gets darker, the wisest thing to do is to find the easiest and most effective way out of this maze of unpleasant situations. We think that we can solve this situation by ourselves very often and we are having hard time dealing with our challenges , instead of solving them faster and easier through individual work.

Working on our personal subjects helps us with:

  • Letting go of sadness, suffering, pain, anger, rage, hate ,helplessness, fear, worry, anxiety, feeling of being unloved…
  • Loving ourselves and others, finding our soulmates, having good relationships with our family and friends
  • Healing wounds caused by traumatic experiences (illness, death of a close person, divorce, being fired…)
  • Letting go our history, forgiving ourselves and others
  • Connecting with wishes of our heart and living a happy and fulfilled life

If you too want to change your life for the better, make an appointment today by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +385 98 517759.

The price of a treatment is 60 Eur/hour.

Be wise and practical and go towards an easier, better and meaningful way of living!

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