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Why are these imaginative and transformative workshop exactly what you need?


  • Do you want to feel energised and have a good energy flow in your body?
  • Do you want to have a healthy body and live in harmony with others
  • Are you a ThetaHealing practitioner on a self-development path?
  • Do you feel the Rainbow Child inside of you?
  • Do you want to help the world to evolve?
  • Do you like colours and creative expression?


Throughout these 7 workshops, with the help of your own creativity, art and guided meditations, you will bring awareness to the blockades on your seven energy centreschakras - test them and resolve them with the help of a colleague, another ThetaHealing® practitioner.

Every ThetaHealing practitioner knows how to connect to the Creator of All there Is. An important part of the meditation is bringing energy into the body and activating all of the seven energy transfer centres (chakras) in the body. When one or more of the centres is blocked, the connection is harder. Every unbalance in the chakras is manifested on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Consequences can range from illnesses, hardship, low self-esteem and other problems. It is wise to harmonise one’s chakras. One of the ways are these creative-healing workshops we are offering you.

The Workshops are being held on Tuesdays, from 18 – 21h with the following schedule:

23.1. - Root Chakra 

When one is full of fear, one feels that one’s very existence is threatened and the body starts to get older faster.

If you have problems with financial stability and existence related fears, this is the workshop for you. The beliefs that block it are, for example, life is hard, I am in danger, I am a victim of outer circumstances, I do not deserve to be prosperous and abundant.
During the workshop, you will uncover blockades that affect the energy transfer through/of the root Chakra, you will release them and rebalance your chakra.
30.1. - Sacral Chakra

This chakra is responsible for creativity, partnerships, sex glands etc.

If you have problems in relationships with people, especially romantic relationships, this is a great workshop for you. It will give you an opportunity to uncover and get rid of beliefs that are causing you to be in conflicts with others instead of peaceful communication:  your libido is either too strong or too weak, you feel guilt or you are unable to have healthy boundaries, you have difficulty accepting changes and you are not emotionally stable.

6.2. - Solar plexus

This workshop will help you activate your inner strength and wisdom, the ability to live according to what you want.

To be able to function without interruptions, the energy transfer through your first two chakras must be unobstructed. You cannot live, if you are in constant panic because of your personal life and if you think you are the smartest and you want to bend others to your will.
The beliefs that are blocking your solar plexus are: I need to control everything, I have no faith in myself, I am afraid of my strength, I have low self-esteem ….

13.2. - Heart Chakra

A harmonised heart chakra means total and complete self-acceptance.

It means you accept your shortcomings as well as others´ and that is unconditional love. There is no anger, sadness, exasperation …
When you realise that you do not need to be angry at others just because they are different, the conflict vanishes and is replaced by natural harmony. If you yearn for a life like that, join this workshop!
The beliefs that block the heart chakra are: my heart is closed, I do not allow myself to feel, my heart if full of disappointment and pain. 

20.2. - Throat chakra 

This workshop will be about communication, a search of your own truth and the feeling that you deserve to be heard. You have a right to express your truth.

If you are afraid or embarrassed of your truth, it means you are suffocating your self-expression and that is usually manifested in problems with your thyroid and autoimmune diseases.
When you let yourself express your truth, your throat chakra is in balance. Express your truth in this workshop!

27.2. - Third Eye


This workshop, we will harmonise this chakra, so that the end result is the gift of discernment, seeing and understanding.

The more this chakra is in harmony, the less you are prone to create illusions and more open to real knowledge. You see and you understand. You do not get attached to beliefs (authority for example) but to truth. You question yourself and you ask questions. This chakra is blocked by illusions.
If this chakra is too open, the person starts to hallucinate. People believe what they dream-up. Lots of people use their imagination and create scenarios that lead them to live a stressful life of what might happen (worries, anxiety) ….
The beliefs that block this chakra are: I do not trust my intuition, I have a higher regard for other people’s opinions than my own, I am focused on negative things …

6.3. - Crown chakra

When the crown chakra is in balance, you live your life with the realisation and wisdom that you are one with the world.

You are not prejudiced towards yourself or the world. If this chakra is blocked, your thinking is cruel and rigid, and if it is too active, it is possible to be addicted to spirituality and so neglect your physical needs.
The beliefs that block your crown chakra are: I feel lonely, I do not deserve love and abundance, I live by my mind and logic.

All the necessary materials are provided; you need only reserve a place for yourself.

Application is compulsory to allow for better organisation.

This can be done by phone, if you so prefer. (+38598517759)

Prerequisite for this workshop is a certificate for BASIC DNA.

Address: Hrastovička 36, Lučko

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