Who am I?

My name is Suzana Gajdek and I help you get through life circumstances that are too hard for you to deal with on your own. I belong to a group of hurt healers, who ten years ago, from my own need to heal myself, started my journey on the path of deep personal growth and development.

The realisation that coping with the challenges life throws at us need not to be difficult or long-term, as well as a deeply ingrained wish to help others were the main reasons I started to work as a therapist. Every day I am witnessing that what seems impossible is possible. To overcome painful life altering circumstances and live a rewarding life, full of joy and love.

I am a certified instructor and therapist of ThetaHealing® technique, NLP practitioner, Wingwave® Coach, teacher of Autogenic training, Imaginative Family Constellations practitioner, I participated in Art Therapy education, I am a painter, skiing instructor, 5 Rhythms dancer and mother of three children.

I am educated and certified in accordance to the highest American and European standards – THInK (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge); DVNLP, IN-ICI, Besseser – Siegmund – Institut; NLP & Coaching Akademia, Nada Kaiser

I believe we are very powerful beings. We have a great power to self-destroy and a great power to self-heal.

My story...

I was always curious and, growing up, I was very confused when I asked honest questions that children often do and received the answer that it is not 'polite' to ask them. With time, I started to confuse honesty with politeness and started to impose rules onto myself, so others would find it easier to love me.

I got the opportunity to return to my authentic self when my whole world collapsed. My parents' sudden death and my increasingly more complicated relationship with my sister, the dissolution of my marriage and, with that, the loss of employment. On top of everything, after a procedure involving my uterus, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

At that really challenging period of my life, my psycho-physical health was due to practising ThetaHealing® technique and connecting to the creative energy of creation, the energy of all that is.

I am grateful for the lessons in my life, because they made me the person I am today.

When I finally awoke, I felt the need to help all of you who want to be authentic, simple, happy and fulfilled and to live your lives as you wish them.smile

How can I help you?

Our mutual work will help you regain your strength and power.

I will help you transform and change your relationship with others, to get rid of fear, nervousness, stress (derived from situations like divorce loss of loved-ones, moving, giving birth …), listlessness, sadness, anger, resentment; to discover what you truly desire, what are your talents; to get back your self-esteem and bring calmness and joy to your life.

Up until we are seven years old, our brain functions in deep theta brain-waves and stores everything we learn about ourselves and the world to our subconscious. Because of that, it is almost impossible to get rid of some of the bad habits, relationships and emotions, even when we consciously want to change them. For permanent change, we need to be aware of them and remove harmful subconscious programs.

Until you become aware of the unconscious, it will direct your life and you will call it destiny. - C.G. Jung

This is quickly and efficiently achieved by the therapeutic and energy technique ThetaHealing® that is done as a guided interview. The treatment helps you to make healthy boundaries and take responsibility for decisions that will help you gain experiences and relationships that you want.
This work influences your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Besides doing therapeutic work, I paint. If you would like your intentions to be additionally supported by energy and the vibrations of colour, I will paint you a personalised art work (healing art).

We can work individually at our premises (Lučko), by Skype or by phone, and either in Croatian or English.

In my work is important to:

  • respect your trust and your privacy
  • be completely honest and open with you
  • choose the most effective approach
  • be professionaly educated and experienced
  • be positive, optimistic and devoted
  • use methods that quickly achieve good results
  • follow my heart
  • act with love, passion and understanding

„I still do not now exactly how it works. But I know for sure that it works. ThetaHealing literally saved my life. I feel blessed and grateful. " Liza S

 Simplicitas d.o.o. is the result of years of experience and positive results in working with people. The name ‘Simplicitas’ has not been chosen casually. It means ‘simplicity’ (lat.) because life is simple, when we realise that we are the creators of our own lives.


To encourage you and inspire you to improve your life, to let go of the limiting beliefs and feelings that you have collected throughout your life and to open you up to new possibilities. I want to empower you to live a fulfilled, good and happy life that will suit your personality.


To inspire you to become an inspiration to others that are starting their journey of self-knowing. Together, we will make the world a better place.

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