Soul Mate

We do not need to seek love, we only have to tear down the walls we built around it - Rumi

And that is exactly what we will be doing on this energy meditation workshop. Together, we will unearth the barriers that you have created in order to ward off love Some you have created yourself, some you have inherited from your family. If, for all of your life, you have only heard that real love is sad, that it is not possible to have a happy marriage, then you will probably live that ‘truth’.

This is a half-day event where you will work out how to prepare yourself for the coming of your soul mate or improve your current relationship. Firstly, you will become aware of what kind of relationship you really want; secondly, you will find the reason why you still do not have that kind of relationship and finally, with the help of guided meditation, visualisation and affirmations, you will teach your sub-conscience which qualities are important for you to feel loved and happy.  Your soul mate will recognise the vibration that you will create in this workshop and will start his/her journey towards you.

This workshop is also a return to yourself, learning to love yourself, because only when you love yourself can you truly love and understand others. Then it is much easier to let your soul mate into your life.

  • Do you crave for your soul mate?
  • Do you want to share your love with your partner?
  • Do you want to improve your current relationship?
  • Are you constantly in relationships with partners that end up hurting you?
  • Are you afraid that you will end up alone?
  • You cannot recover from the last break-up and want to continue living a life that makes you happy?

srodna duša

If these situations are known to you, this energy meditation workshop is just the thing for you.


Place: Hrastovička 36, Lučko-Zagreb

The workshop will be held by: Suzana Gajdek, ThetaHealing® instructor, NLP practitioner, Wingwave® coach and teacher of autogenic training

Registration/application is required

Apply here

If you prefer, you can apply by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +385 98 517759.

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