Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is one of the most widely known and scientifically confirmed classical methods of relaxation, very effective in dissolving stress and helping your whole being to achieve balance and optimal levels of energy in your body. It is part of the classical forms of relaxation that help us deal with stress and its consequences.

Scientific research confirms its effectiveness in preventing many psychosomatic illnesses that are caused by stress (for instance: headache, trouble sleeping, back pain …)
Today, it is almost impossible to avoid stressful situations (noise, nervousness, an aggressive environment, work, everyday problems). After training, you can instantly dissolve and release your tension and all of the sensations that are induced by stress. That is the true value of autogenic training – you have at hand, no matter where you are, the key to get yourself to relax.

It is wise to learn autogenic training in advance, so you can get yourself to relax when you face a situation that might prove to be stressful.

Who Developed It?

It was developed by Johannes Heinrich Schultz from Berlin, Germany, and first published in 1932.

During hypnosis, he found that, during the state of relaxation, we are open to any suggestion and that everything is experienced much more intensely. Through autosuggestion you can master all that is good for your health and, with that, improve the quality of your life.

Who Is It For?

Autogenic training is for mentally stable individuals that experience stressful situations on a daily basis:
•   businessmen, entrepreneurs
•    sportsmen
•    students
•    doctors, teachers, educators
•    police officers
•    housewives...

How Does It Work?

It consists of seven basic exercises of auto-suggestion which bring full physical and mental relaxation. The purpose of the exercises is that the effects gradually expand to the whole body.

This is achieved by implementing the program attending the course, which consists of eight training sessions during which your autogenic training coach will guide you through the process of relaxation. After that, it is important that, while awaiting your next workout, you "remind" your body to relax. This is achieved by practising daily what you learned in a group with your training coach and other trainees. Every day your body will be more easily and more deeply relaxed and, after completing the course, your body will be able to relax as soon as you think of relaxing. When you achieve that, you will be ready to deal with everyday stress.

In many Western European countries, doctors prescribe Autogenic training for prevention  as a preventative measure, and  health insurance companies offer their clients autogenic training courses because experience has shown that it significantly reduces sick leaves. In our community, this is not a common practice.
Everyone can learn the method of Autogenic training. It does not require any special prior knowledge.

How Is it Done?

The course is held once a week with a certified autogenic training teacher and lasts for eight weeks. One session is 60 to 90 minutes long. Between each sessions, it is important to repeat the exercises you learn at least twice a day.

After you go through the whole process, the expected result is to be able to relax and be peaceful be at peace with only one thought. 

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