Advanced DNA

Daring is the price of progress. - Victor Hugo

Advanced DNA course is expanding your knowledge about ThetaHealing technique, that you have mastered in basic DNA course. It enables you to better understand the seven plains of existence that surround us.

You will learn how to let go of ‘old’ resentments, bitterness, vows and commitments that make you repeat the ‘same mistakes’. Because of that, we often feel stupid, ashamed and nervous, because we are trapped, spinning in circles. This in an opportunity to step out of that circle.

We will heal the ‘baby in the womb’ and the ‘broken soul’. Those two exercises powerfully influence our lives. During the course, I will teach your sub-conscience the feelings and (more than 900) definitions, that come directly from the Seventh plain of existence from the Creator of all that is. This will enable you to experience true changes in emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level.

This course is a wonderful experience for everyone. It brings a lot of different and positive feelings, it teaches us how to live in now and here and how does it feel to accept yourself with love.

  • to speed up and slow down time
  • free yourself from judgement, resentment, free-floating memories, negative consequences of traumas
  • contacting your ancestors
  • send love to a baby in a womb and heal foetal memories
  • work on your fears and negative emotions
  • clean your home from low energy vibrations
  • heal plants and animals and communicate with them; heal ‘inanimate’ matter

 You will learn:

 napredni DNK

Duration, conditions, address...

Precondition: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

When: 09-11. June 2017. / early application gets you a free TH treatment!

The course lasts for three full days: from 9 am to 5:30 pm

Place: Hrastovička 36, Lučko-Zagreb

The course will be held by: Suzana Gajdek, ThetaHealing® instructor, NLP practitioner, Wingwave® coach and teacher of autogenic training

Price: 332 eur (in HRK counter value)  The payment is to be made on the first day of the course between 8-8.30 am or to bank account nr: HR2023400091110612524 PBZ

The price includes:
•    Croatian manual and Book by Vianna Stibal
•    International THInK Certificate (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) 

Registration/application is required

Apply here

If you want to organize this Course held by me (in your country), please contact me.

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