Rainbow Children

When the Rainbows return, the world will be ready for changes – ancient Hawaiian prophecy

Rainbow children are being born in the last twenty years and are extremely gifted. They are very intuitive and they are able to change the energy that surrounds them. They are charismatic and can spread joy, happiness and love. The time for change has come, time for the return of rainbows! Nowadays, even adults can change into Rainbow Children, simply by using their intuition.

Are you ready to wake the Rainbow Child within you?

This course is one of the most imaginative ThetaHealing courses. It is a wonderful journey that lasts four days and consists of playful games and fun where we deepen our intuition, accelerate our personal development and our abilities to heal. We will activate the Rainbow Child within ourselves through exciting,  fun games as well as expanding our consciousness and the feeling of being connected to the Creator of all. This course is an opportunity to activate our full spiritual and intuitive potentials, and extraordinarily developed intuition will help us to vibrate the frequency of love, joy and clarity.

The course helps us become individuals that lift the vibration on Earth, bring light and help others change their perspective and understand the world and help others to lift their consciousness.

  • deepen our intuitive abilities and use them without fear
  • intuitively read objects
  • identify and understand the feelings of others and distinguish them from our own
  • do individual and group healings
  • get to know the seven levels of existence
  • send and receive thoughts / messages to other people (telepathy)
  • intuitively read bodies
  • cleansing of chakras and aura
  • work on our beliefs and create positive feelings

On the course for Rainbow children you will learn how to:

 djeca duge

  • heal a broken heart and soul, as well as heal foetal memories
  • receive programs and feelings from the Seventh level (downloading)
  • read crystals and heal with crystals
  • recognise different energies in a room using a crystal ball (crystal scrying)
  • communicate with plants and learn to use essential oils
  • intuitively read and heal animals
  • move objects with your mind (telekinesis)
  • meet and contact your guardian angels
  • contact the spiritual teachers through the laying of crystals (crystal layout)
  • connect with your totemic spirit animal with drums
  • remember the future (different from Reading the future)
  • contact the laws of the Sixth level of existence

Duration, conditions, address...

Precondition: ThetaHealing® Basic DNK

When: / early application gets you a free TH treatment!

The course lasts for four full days: from 10 am to 5 pm

Place: Hrastovička 36, Lučko-Zagreb

The course will be held by: Suzana Gajdek, ThetaHealing® instructor, NLP practitioner, Wingwave® coach and teacher of autogenic training

Price: 600 eur (in HRK counter value). The payment is to be made on the first day of the course between 9:30-10 am or to bank account nr: HR2023400091110612524 PBZ

The price includes:
•   Croatian manual
•   International THInK Certificate (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) 

Registration/application is required

Apply here

If you want to organize this Course held by me (in your country), please contact me.

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