Basic DNA

Go on a journey of self-knowing/knowledge and learn the ThetaHealing technique!

It is my belief, that everyone had a moment in his/her life, when he or she truly experienced the magnificence of this world we all live in. Inside of us and inside everything that exists is the source of all creation, the Energy of creation, the intelligence of life, that is much wiser than we are. This intelligence, that makes the plants grow, planets to move and creates a perfect human being in nine months that has millions of processes that keep it alive, knows what is best for us. It is giving all the time, but it is up to us how much will we receive.

Experiencing abundance, being healthy, prosperity, being joyful and feel love is our natural state and a sign, that we are in full harmony with the Energy of creation.

If we are not in balance and we feel as if we do not live our truth, this is one of the ways how to achieve all that. ‘Coming back to yourself’ by using intuition and the Source of Creation is learned in Theta Healing by removing all the blockades that disable us from being the best version of ourselves, our own heroes!

At the Basic DNA course you will learn to practice/do/perform ThetaHealing technique, that enables us to change limiting life patterns that we store in our sub-conscience.

These patterns were developed as a result of life experiences (from the moment we were conceived to the present day, for example the feeling of loneliness, of not being loved, accepted …), genetics (what we inherited from our ancestors – fears, characteristics and other similar things), history (the experiences from collective consciousness, environment, nations, countries, cultures we are born into) and experiences on the level of soul (the imprints by various traumas, pain, suffering and sorrow).

You will learn to recognize and change the deepest limiting beliefs and feelings because they attract to your life people and situations that limit you. Very often, they are not only limiting, they are the causes of physical illnesses. Changing those beliefs/programs we change how we experience reality and in with it we can choose the world, circumstances, events and people that surround us. We become conscious co-creators and directors of our lives.

At the Basic DNA course we will activate ‘sleepy’ parts of your DNA and the chromosome for youth and vitality. You will experience your own direct connection with the Energy of creation, and that will stay with you forever, opening you up for new possibilities.

  • Intuitively read (scan) the inside of the body and see the organs
  • heal a person, heal a group and from a distance
  • communicate with guardian angels
  • read the future
  • balance serotonin noradrenaline and dopamine (hormones of happiness)
  • remove heavy metals, remove effects of harmful radiation and toxins from body
  • clean auras, remove implants from body, negative energies and entities

At basic DNA, you will learn to:

 Osnovni DNK

Duration, conditions, address...

Precondition: None

When: / early application gets you a free TH treatment!

The course lasts for three days: Friday from 5:30 to 9pm / Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5:30 pm

Place: Hrastovička 36, Lučko-Zagreb

The course will be held by: Suzana Gajdek, ThetaHealing® instructor, NLP practitioner, Wingwave® coach and teacher of autogenic training

Price: 332 eur (in HRK counter value) The payment is to be made on the first day of the course between 8-8.30 am or to bank account nr: HR2023400091110612524 PBZ

The price includes:
•    Croatian manual and Book by Vianna Stibal
•    International THInK Certificate (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) 

Registration/application is required

Apply here

If you want to organize this Course held by me (in your country), please contact me.

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